Monday, September 13, 2010

Buy Green: Envi Home Energy Monitor

The Envi Home Energy Monitor ($120) makes tracking home energy use fun and easy.  Attaching the monitor to your electrical box allows you to receive real time information about how much energy your home is consuming.

The monitor has some really great features.  The monitor itself is wireless and can typically be taken anywhere around the house.  The monitor updates energy usage every six seconds, making it easy to tell which appliances are using the most energy in your home.  These features alone make this a great buy, but the coolest thing  about this monitor is that it can connect to Google Power Meter, an application that allows you to track your home's energy usage on the internet.


  1. Can also check out PowerCost Monitor. Less expensive and attaches to the meter instead of breaker panel so no electrician needed. All good though - reducing electricity usage.

  2. Thanks for the comment Pete. That monitor also works great.

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